U.S. Work Visas and Options for Nurses

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U.S. Work Visas and Options for Nurses

Many foreign nurses in the U.S. have expired or expiring work visa/status since H-1C nonimmigrant visa program for nurses sunset (expired) on December 20, 2009.   Eligible foreign nurses may considered other work visas/status options such as:

  1. TN under NAFTA: Registered nurses from Canada or Mexico may consider utilizing TN work status.
  2. H-1B: Certain nurses from Canada, Mexico and other countries may also consider H-1B.  Depending on the type of employer-sponsor, new H-1B petitions are subject to the annual visa quota.    H-1B applies to positions requiring at least a baccalaureate/bachelor’s degree.   Nurses who may qualify for H-1B status include advanced practice nurse such as Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS); Nurse Practitioners (NP); Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), and Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM)), nurse managers, and nursing administrators.   For more information on H-1B visa quota, please visit:  https://immigrationresource.net/quota-for-h-1b-cap-work-visas-has-been-reached-for-fy2013-june-12-2012/  .  Nurses holding H-1B status may also consider employment green card and/or family green card.

July 13, 2012: By Aik Wan Kok Fillali, Lawyer USA Immigration Services, at Tiya; Tel: 703-772-8224 & koka at tiyalaw dot com

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