Comprehensive Immigration Reform – Pathway to U.S. Immigration Status and Citizenship!

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In conferences and radio interview held in August 2009, President Obama has reaffirmed his position in pursuing legislative action on comprehensive immigration reform, in 2010, of the currently broken U.S. immigration systems, after attending to more critical issues such as U.S. healthcare and financial reform.

Comprehensive immigration reform is a highly advocated proposal by the U.S. government to create immigration systems to provide immigration status and citizenship to millions of undocumented foreign nationals who are currently in the U.S., as well as providing opportunities for other foreign nationals to work and live in the U.S. under efficient and regulated processes.

Foreign nationals are vital to the U.S. economy, especially during this international economic crisis. Foreign nationals often bring with them diverse skill sets to fill the labor shortages for work which could not be completely filled by U.S. citizens. In addition, the diverse cultures and backgrounds of foreign nationals generate new and increased demands and services in the U.S., which in turn, will positively stimulate the economy and create additional jobs. The U.S. has been a country which has historically thrived on the contributions of immigrants and U.S. natives, and will continue to be so.

As a former immigrant and an immigration attorney, I have experienced the U.S. immigration systems on both personal and professional levels. After years of good faith efforts by the U.S. government to implement piecemeal immigration law (which often do not work in harmony with the other immigration law) to address immigration issues, the execution of the U.S. immigration law has become cumbersome and extremely difficult. A comprehensive immigration reform in the U.S. is crucial to a well-regulated society, workforce and economy.

It is not possible to halt illegal immigration into the U.S. The only way to implement fully functioning immigration systems for a well-regulated nation in the U.S. would be to allow legal entries of foreign nationals in orderly, systematic and regulated manners under harmonious comprehensive immigration systems.

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